Our Helipads

Wings & Sky Aviation, operates the highest number of privately owned helipads in India, All our helipads provides high-quality services that a helicopter operator require, such as Safe Night Parking facility, Crew facilitation services, Barrel Refueling and fuel transportation services. prioritizes the customer. Our assistance ought to expedite property transactions. Significant effort will be expended by the marketing team to acquire more loyal customers roosterbet casino. We can assist you in concluding a transaction by providing accurate and reliable information and by imparting our knowledge. We exert considerable effort to ensure that the sale of your home is successful. We will help you embark on this journey with assurance.

FHR Helipad, Chandigarh (Provides Parking for 02 Helicopters)

FHR Helipad : 30 47’01 N 76 48’54 E

KFC Helipad, Shimla (Provides Parking for 03 Helicopters)

KFC Helipad : 31 05’20 N 77 17’08 E

Lucknow Helipad (Provides Parking for 06 Helicopters)

New Lucknow Helipad : 26 53’59 N 81 09’04 E

Ludhiana Helipad (Provides Parking for 04 Helicopters)

Ludhiana Helipad : 30 53’54 N 75 43’51 E